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Iciar Bollaín


Iciar Bollain and Alicia Luna


Rosa has an exhausting job, a bossy brother, a father as clingy as a mussel, a sister who never helps out, a daughter who returns home with two babies having already left the family nest, and a boyfriend she never manages even to glimpse. Much too accustomed to putting the needs of everyone else before her own, Rosa is about to turn 45 and her life is not only out of her control, it shows no signs of ever being something she can call her own.

Rosa decides to shake things up and grab hold of the reins of her life, or at least attempt to do so. What she really wants is to fulfill her dream of setting up her own business venture, but before doing this, Rosa wants to get married, and a very special marriage it is too: Rosa intends on marrying herself.

In a weekend full of misunderstandings and surprises, Rosa’s wedding shows up the problems of the rest of the family too. Rosa will discover that, despite all appearances, she is the family member doing best of all, and that getting married, even if it is to herself, is going to be the most difficult thing she has ever done.

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